History of the French-American Chemical Society

When and why has it been created?

The French American Chemical Society (FACS) is a completely volunteer, non-profit organization that was informally established in 1986 to promote organic chemistry and scientific interactions between France and the United States. The first edition of this meeting was held in Paris in a friendly and informal ambiance in order to encourage the maximum interaction between the participants of both countries. A number of famous chemists, coming from the US and France, participated and exchanged ideas with great enthusiasm. They appreciated the high quality and interactive nature of this meeting. Throughout all the following meetings, the very high calibre of scientific scholarship intended by the founders, Pr. E.J. Corey (Harvard University Professor and Nobel Prize recipient) and the late Dr. Pierre Potier (Director of the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry in Gif-sur-Yvette, France), has been maintained and this 16th edition will be no exception.

Past FACS Conferences:

FACS I (Paris) 1986
FACS II (Captiva Island) 1988
FACS III (Aussois) 1990
FACS IV (New Orleans) 1992
FACS V (Bordeaux) 1994
FACS VI (Tuscon) 1996
FACS VII (Cannes) 1998
FACS VIII (Sonoma) 2000
FACS IX (St. Malo) 2002
FACS X (Charleston) 2004
FACS XI (Paris) 2006
FACS XII (Santa Barbara) 2008
FACS XIII (Strasbourg - Obernai) 2010
FACS XIV (Boston - Nantasket) 2012
FACS XV (Avignon) 2014
FACS XVI (Santa Barbara) 2016
FACS XVII (Orléans) 2018